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The Emmanuel Orphanage in Jeremie, Haiti began when Pastor Honore Guerriere and his wife Mona agreed to take in a group of orphaned children whose caregivers were leaving the country. For over ten years, this group lived in an abandoned nightclub in downtown Jeremie and prayed that God would deliver them from their difficult conditions. Many people came to visit the children, including teams from Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville, TN who were in Jeremie in partnership with the Lundy Orphanage nearby. In July 2013, one such group visited Emmanuel and learned while they were there that the Haitian government had given the group 30 days to vacate the premises. With nowhere to go, the children would be left in the streets with no one to care for them.

Upon returning to the United States, the $50,000 to build the orphanage was raised by Mt. Carmel Church in Cross Plains, TN in just two days, and the new orphanage was built on land that had been given to Pastor Honore. God not only provided a new home for these children, but also monthly sponsors who would cover their monthly expenses for food, water, school tuition, uniforms and medical care. The first team from Mt. Carmel was sent to the Emmanuel Orphanage in February 2014. In the fall of 2014, once again God provided, and a new church building was built at the orphanage to reach the Chateau area for Christ. Mt. Carmel currently sends four teams a year (VBS, medical, birthday and Christmas celebrations) and 127Worldwide sends two teams a year to continue the relationship with the wonderful “gwoup” at Emmanuel and watch God work in the lives of the children and those who go to visit them.

Get out of your comfort zone and minister to the least of these

Mt. Carmel sends teams each year to minister to the Emmanuel Children’s Village, the Boys’ and Girl’s’ Transition Homes, the Jeremie area and surrounding communities. Come join us!

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JULY 24-31, 2023

Rescue 1 - Thailand
Rescue 1 - Thailand

Rescue 1 Global is an anti-human trafficking organization based in Nashville, TN, with branches in the Philippines and in Thailand. We fight trafficking through prevention, rescue, and restoration.

Our Prevention Department pursues 3 main goals: increase awareness, serve the vulnerable, and reduce demand. We increase awareness through our Human Trafficking 101 training. Participants learn the basics of the human trafficking industry, how to recognize and report it, and steps they can take to prevent it. After receiving their basic training, participants are encouraged to come together and form task forces to address human trafficking in their own communities. We offer specialized training for these groups and come alongside them as they serve the vulnerable, increase awareness, and address the issue of demand. Rescue 1 Task Forces operate as the hands and feet of our prevention department. They meet monthly, serve as volunteers, do outreach in their communities, and report to the Rescue 1 leadership for support and guidance.

Our Rescue Department has a 24/7 trafficking hotline, and they work closely with law enforcement and partners to identify victims and get them to safety. Rescue Advocates come alongside victims to provide comfort, crisis counseling, transportation, and other services.

Our Restoration Department provides long-term residential programming and after-care programming for human trafficking victims to help them heal from their past trauma and to equip them to make and achieve personal life goals.

It is our goal for everything we do to stem from God’s calling, be empowered by God’s Spirit, and display God’s glory through the Gospel.